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Staking – what, why, and who
General information on Cardano


The Fruit

PAPAW is an abbreviation of pawpaw, asimina triloba, a tree that bears the largest fruit of any native American plant species. One of the PAPAW owner/operators, Richard, has, as a serious avocation, the development of cold-tolerant, productive, great-tasting pawpaw varieties that everyone in his region can grow. Pawpaw facts: The pawpaw is the northernmost memberContinue reading “The Fruit”

The People

The PAPAW Stake Pool is maintained by Amy and Richard Goerwitz, proprietors of Goerwitz Information Technology Consulting (GITC), a Minnesota, USA, LLC. Amy has been working in travel and volunteer management for three decades. She is also currently (2021) serving as a board member of the Northfield, Minnesota, school district. Richard has been working inContinue reading “The People”

The Tech

The PAPAW Stake Pool, a Cardano stake pool, consists of two relays situated in separate public clouds (Digital Ocean and Google Cloud Platform), running on VMs (Ubuntu), and connected by VPN to a block producer running on physical hardware inaccessible to third parties. A hot-standby block producer continuously monitors the active producer, and comes onlineContinue reading “The Tech”